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Rainbow Six Siege: Why We’re Excited

Returning to the Roots of Rainbow Six

One of my favorite things about the recent Rainbow Six games was Terrorist Hunt in R6: Vegas 2. Just one simple objective, kill the bad guys. You could approach the situation however you saw fit; go in quiet, find an entrance from above, or just breach the front door. Choice became a strategy which is why I’m happy to see that Rainbow Six Siege going back to basics but in a new, refreshing way.

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Watch Dogs screen

Watch Dogs Sells 4 Million Copies in First Week

Watch Dogs has already set one record, holding the best day one sales of any Ubisoft title, but now after it’s first week on the market, Watch dogs is now the fastest best selling new IP…ever. According to Ubiblog, over 4 million copies were sold within the first week of release. Tony Key, Ubisoft’s senior VP of sales and marketing, comments on the game’s success by saying:

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