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OVERKILL Software Announcing a New Game?

PayDay 2 Developer’s Mysterious Countdown Clock

OVERKILL Software, the developer behind PayDay 2, has posted a very intriguing countdown clock at overkill.com/whatsnext. This is obvious tease of their next game which after some poking around their website has one game title that we haven’t heard anything about in quite some time, Storm. After doing some more research it appears that this title was rumored to be a science fiction co-op shooter but we haven’t heard anything news about the title recently.

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Kinect 2

Kinect 2.0 Coming to PC for Developers

Standalone Kinect coming to PC July 15

The Microsoft store has added a Xboxless Kinect to its current listings. The 2nd generation motion sensing camera will be available to purchase independently on July 15 for $199. The device itself appears to be more of a development tool; advertising the ability to build apps that function with natural human gestures. A note on the listing reads:

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Arma 3 Karts

Military Simulator, Arma 3, Now Has….Go Karts!

The popular PC military simulator, Arma 3, has released new DLC and yes, it really does include go karts. Players will be able to create their own tracks and even play as the track Safety Coordinator; firing a pistol to start the race. Arma 3’s website says that a portion of the profits will help benefit the Czech Red Cross. The Kart DLC is available to download on Steam today. So if you ever get tired shootin’ up bad guys, just take a nice little go kart break.

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What We Hope to See at E3

E3 is probably one of the most exciting times to be a gamer, press conferences, game demos, and unexpected reveals.  But the question is, what are we going to see this year? Here are four games that Couch Co-op hopes to see at E3.

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Watch Dogs Cover

Watch Dogs Leaked Screenshots

I know, I know, Watch Dogs has been getting a lot of coverage this past month leading up to its release on May 27, but today a new set of screenshots were leaked (via Reddit user Sharon009). The 3 screenshots include the games protagonist, Aiden Pierce, wandering the streets of Chicago. Even though the buildup to its release has been over saturated with content, it’s a nice reminder that in about a week we will finally be able to roam around Watch Dogs’ Chicago for ourselves.

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