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Review: HBO’s The Leftovers Episode 8 – “Cairo”

This week’s episode of The Leftovers was the most delirious one yet. This episode gives focus to Kevin Garvey and Nora Durst, and to a lesser extent, Jill Garvey and her friend Aimee, who’s living at her house for whatever reason – perhaps Aimee’s family got taken away or she’s detached from any of her family. She’s always smoking that ganja (many times in public, no less), so perhaps it serves as some kind of coping mechanism for the pain she doesn’t care to speak about.

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Review: HBO’s The Leftovers Ep 5 – “Gladys”

Oh, Gladys… Couch Co-op readers, I had this episode kind of spoiled for me a couple weeks before it even aired after a hapless Google image search to get some great pictures for one of my esteemed television reviews. Mind you, when I saw this I was extremely confused because it almost seemed too great of a photoshop and I didn’t understand how that picture already leaked. Whatever, we’re moving forward.

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Review: HBO’s The Leftovers Ep 4 – “B.J. and the A.C”

About twenty minutes in to the episode, I’m as nonplussed than ever. At this point, I’m questioning why I’m watching The Leftovers, even bothering to keep up… maybe it’s the hope that this is just extremely slow to set up and my mind’s going to get blown to smithereens at all the plot twists that are in the mix. As I said in a previous review, I suppose I could just read the book then I won’t even have to watch the show every week… but reading is for squares. I suddenly remember that I watch this just to convince you, our loyal readership, of how unforgivably unsatisfying this show is. Every episode so far acts as if the previous one hasn’t even happened. It feels so jagged. It’s like going down a pothole riddled road, watching this show. It’s smooth as butter one moment and the next your head hits the side of the window from the bump.

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leftovers - pilot

Review: HBO’s The Leftovers – Pilot

I had seen sparse trailers for the series and they left me feeling unsatiated, which I guess is the point of any good trailer. I saw the name “Damon Lindelof” and felt excitement for what was to come of this show. If you’re not familiar with Lindelof, he was one of the executive producers (along with Carlton Cuse) behind LOST, which I was a huge fan of. Mind you, I am not so big on that sixth season on but the rest I can stand behind firmly. I can recall seeing the long pilot air on ABC with my family that faithful decade ago like it was yesterday. I had never seen anything so unconventional in regards to TV and I just couldn’t help but want more – the names J.J. Abrams, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof will forever be stuck in my head thanks to that show.

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