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Gotham: “Penguin’s Umbrella” Review

“Love conquers all.”

Wow.  This episode just exploded everything about this show.  The discovery that Oswald Cobblepot is still alive causes the Falcone camp, particularly Fish Mooney, to go berserk in trying to get Jim Gordon.  The intensity of this episode consistently escalated throughout giving “Penguin’s Umbrella” an exciting experience to watch.

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Gotham: “Spirit of the Goat” Review

“Half of what you carry”

Harvey Bullock received a lot of character development in this episode as the story delves into one of his old cases.  The beginning of the episode gave us a flashback to Bullock, the young heroic rookie, his old partner Det. Dicks, and the Spirit of the Goat.  This partnership mirrors Bullock and Jim Gordon in the show where Bullock is now the experienced cop with the slogan “No heroes.”  As the case of the Spirit of the Goat is reopened, the episode delves into Bullock’s softer side as well.  One touching moment was when Bullock was discussing Dicks’ medical bills with the nurse.  Not only does Bullock take responsibility of his old partner’s accident, he takes financial responsibility for him as well.  This is one of those times where the audience sees that Bullock, deep down, is a good guy, but Gotham has changed his outlook to morally gray.

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Gotham: “Viper” Review

“What’d you expect?  It’s Gotham.”

Alfred walks in on Bruce Wayne studying all the casefiles and becomes disturbed that the young boy is wasting away indoors when he could be outside living his life.  “What if it’s a complete waste of time?” asks Alfred.  Ultimately, that’s the question everyone faces, both in the show and in real life.  What if everything that you put your mind to turns out to be nothing in the end?  To many in the police force, this question may come up more than one time in their careers.  No matter how much crime is prevented, no matter how many criminals are captured and locked away, crime will always exist.  So again, what if it is all for nothing?  Well from the law enforcement point of view, maybe Bruce provides the answer: “To understand them.”  Understanding criminals is all part of the job because a law enforcer must be able to think like a criminal in order to catch a criminal.  Gotham is doing an excellent job setting up this dynamic of different levels of criminal minds.

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Gotham: “Arkham” Review

Isn’t war about politics?  And isn’t politics about money?

There were several developments in this episode, and the one that stood out to me the most was the fact that this is the first episode to move past the setup stage of the show and move into solid plot development.  Right from the opening, this episode dealt heavily on the idea of political warfare between the opposing Maroni and Falcone gangs.  High points of this episode include the Penguin’s increasing level of manipulation, Fish Mooney’s “job interviews”, and Arkham Asylum.

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Gotham: “Selina Kyle” Review

“You must be such a scamp.”

The pilot episode played the role of setting up the world of Gotham and immersing the audience into several characters, possible story directions, and the city itself.  It is worth repeating that I absolutely love the settings of each shot in the show.  The creators did an excellent job in making the show really feel like the Gotham City from the comics.

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Gotham: “Pilot” Review

Penguin Begins

First in a long list of DC Comics television shows making their debut/return this fall, Gotham has arrived on FOX.  I have to be honest, I have been a little skeptical of this show since it was announced because the idea of a Batman show without the Batman seemed less than thrilling.  But after watching the pilot episode, I was shown how very wrong I was.

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Photos of Full ‘Batman vs Superman’ Batmobile Possibly Leaked

The latter half of this week may give us the first on-set photo of Ben Affleck as Batman we’ve all been craving. Last night, a four-day shoot began at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit. The exterior of this locale may be the most Gotham-appropriate building we’ve seen for a live-action adaptation since the Burton days. In fact, it looks suspiciously similar to the building in which the first Batman and Batmobile photo was taken. Since sightings of Henry Cahill on-set in the super suit have been plentiful, and such sightings have NOT occurred here, we think this week may focus on a solo Batman outing. Could it be possible that our first introduction to the new Caped Crusader takes place in a dingy, gigantic warehouse? Nearby citizens have been alerted to loud noises and the use of pyrotechnics. Might we meet the Dark Knight as he viciously deals with a certain Firefly?

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Happy Birthday, Batman!

Holy Birthday Cake, Batman!

The Dark Knight turns 75 today.  Through the years, Batman has changed, but he has, and perhaps always will be, the backbone to DC Entertainment.  There are several opportunities to get your very own cape and cowl along with other free goodies such as a special addition Detective Comics #27 (The issue in which he first appeared).  Be sure to check out your local comic book store to get free stuff and enter raffles for prizes!

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Batman v Superman Cast Analysis and a Defense of its Ambition

Scheduled for release on May 6, 2016, Warner Bros.’ first major expansion into a shared cinematic universe will arrive in theaters.  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will continue the story began in 2013’s Man of Steel.  Unlike most superhero sequels, which seem to be stand-alone narratives with loose ties to one another, this chapter appears to be forming a single, long tale that will affect future films and result from the actions taken in its prequel.  The primary title reveals the obvious: Batman and Superman, played by Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, will appear.  Not as readily noticeable for the less-informed is the fact that Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, will also feature.  The subtitle implies that the formation of the Justice League will be the culmination of this film’s plot.  This may lead some to worry that the film’s ambition and large cast will weigh it down and not provide its individual characters with their fair due.  However, this worry seems to only be present within superhero franchises.  After the success of Marvel’s plan to introduce characters in their own individual films and then gather them together in one mega-blockbuster, the masses seem to say that DC has to take the exact same approach.  Of course, if DC were to do this, many would decry them for unoriginality and “copying” Marvel.  When non-superhero movies are announced with impressively-sized ensemble casts, no one ever hears, “This movie is too bloated, there is no way I will be able to learn about these characters and care about them before the final act.”  Imagine this, “BvS” (as it is understandably being called) aims to tell a HUGE story with larger than life characters.  This is just speculation now, but it seems entirely likely, based on the scale of the mythology and the amount of characters present, that this film could be longer than the standard 2-2.5 hour affair.  When audiences sat down to watch The Fellowship of the Ring, they seemed to accept and attach themselves to its sprawling cast, even beyond the first nine characters denoted in the word “fellowship.”  Before the movie even ends, two members of the fellowship are emotionally removed from the party.  These sequences are well-known and beloved for their impact and performances.  This duo, Gandalf and Boromir, are only two out of at least fifteen major characters that share screen time.  Can the argument then not be made that, with good writing and performances, we might find ourselves attached to DC’s trinity and their supporting characters by the time the credits roll?

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