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What We Hope to See at E3

E3 is probably one of the most exciting times to be a gamer, press conferences, game demos, and unexpected reveals.  But the question is, what are we going to see this year? Here are four games that Couch Co-op hopes to see at E3.

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Neither Noir's Booth

Dallas Comic Con: Day 2

Second day at Dallas Comic Con was essentially twice as fun; double the fans, double the cosplayers, and double the celebrity encounters. We started with wandering the show floor again simply searching for the best cosplayers we could find. The ones who stood out were: Jengo Fett, Fem Shep, Indian Jones and Henry Jones Sr., and an ODST from Halo. After some window shopping we headed down to a panel that included David Morrissey (The Govenor) Michael Rooker (Merle) from The Walking Dead Series. We got to hear them talk about the show and some things that happened behind the scenes. Both Morrisey and Rooker are very friendly and also quite hilarious! After the panel we actually got to meet Rooker face to face, didn’t take a photo because it was about 60 bucks, but nonetheless he was a cool dude. And then I stopped by Neither Noir’s booth, they do some amazing Comic-style photography, and I bought an amazing print of their Superman: Blackest Night print, that was my one and only purchase and you should definitely check out some of their work. Sadly, I will not be able to attend on Sunday but overall I had a great time and will definitely be attending next year…and bring a lot more spending cash.

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