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Review: Rogue Legacy (PS3/PS4)

Prepare to Die…and Laugh!

Rogue Legacy is an old-school indie platformer that doesn’t make life easy for you. After a brief tutorial it lets you get right to playing…and dying. Keep in mind that I am notoriously known for numerous deaths in video games, but this one is hard. This could be a turn off for strictly “new-school” gamers (the category I tend to fall into), but Rogue Legacy…kills you while humoring you and makes dying, often, much more bearable.

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Review: Watch Dogs

Good Foundations

When we first saw Watch Dogs three years ago, Ubisoft promised a lot; dense open world, hacking as a weapon, and complete control over a city. Even though Watch Dogs doesn’t completely fulfill these promises, it has definitely paved a road for a franchise to build upon.

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